Hardtop 2 Door: Safety


The real key to driver safety? Avoiding accidents altogether. That’s why a MINI’s world-famous handling and numerous Active Safety features help you steer clear of hazards and less nimble or distracted drivers.

And in the rare chance an accident is unavoidable? That's when a MINI Hardtop's premium quality and dependable Passive Safety features leap into action. From an incredibly strong, protective frame, to brakes that actively respond to the immediate situation and an advanced Dual-stage, Smart Airbag System that monitors driver and front passenger position, seatbelt use and impact severity.

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Thanks to its high-strength steel front end and side panels, the rigid body of all MINIs reduces body torque, freeing the suspension to do what it does best - provide super-tight handling. A flex-free frame also reduces squeaks, rattles, vibrations and cabin noise. And the rigid body can withstand great forces, which means an increased margin of protection in the event of a crash.


In every MINI Hardtop, 8 total front and side airbags (2 front, 2 side-impacts in each front seat, 2 ceiling mounted side curtains, and 2 knee airbags) come standard and ready to engage when needed. “Smart” safety sensors are the key. See, in a MINI, the airbags are constantly monitoring driver and front passenger position, seatbelt use and impact severity - and then determining airbag inflation rates accordingly.  Also important to note is that the side-impact airbags are in the seat, rather than the typical spot, the door. That means the airbags move with you and will open in exactly the right spot- no matter where your seat is.  The real innovation, though, are our side-curtain airbags. Set in the middle of the roof area on both sides, the gas charge deploys these large "air-pillows" from the center out, helping them to inflate evenly. The side-curtain airbags also stay inflated longer than conventional airbags, helping to prevent head or neck injuries that can commonly occur in multiple-impact collisions and help safeguard against flying glass.


With the latest generation of 4-sensor, anti-lock brakes a MINI helps you stop on a dime while remaining in complete control. MINI also comes standard with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) to automatically distribute brake force to different wheels depending on your MINI's current load and balance.


In the event of an accident, your MINI is prepared to play the super hero and jump into action. As soon as a crash is detected, your MINI will automatically unlock the doors and turn on its interior and hazard lights. If the airbags have been deployed, your MINI will even automatically cut off the fuel pump, reducing the risk of a dangerous fire, and – hopefully – saving the day.


Our standard Hill Assist feature makes starting out on a hill and learning to drive a stick a piece of cake. By holding the car's position for 2 seconds, even on an incline, the system prevents you from rolling back as you move your foot off the brake pedal over to the gas.

Passive Brake Safety

Helping you say goodbye to spilled coffees, screeching stops, and too-close-for-comfort calls, our MINI's brake system reacts to both you and the world around it. Rain? When your wipers are on, your brake lining will automatically dry your brake discs, making them more responsive. Repeatedly braking? Your MINI will work to maintain a constant deceleration ratio to reduce the herky-jerky. And whenever your foot suddenly lifts off the gas (as if making an emergency maneuver), your brake pads will give themselves a head start so they're ready to deploy as soon as your foot gets to the brake pedal.

Head-Up Display

Sure, you don’t need an innovative Head Up Display (HUD) to feel like you’re at the controls of a jet on wheels, but we’re offering you one anyway. Flip the toggle on the dash and the optional full-color HUD snaps into action, letting you keep tabs on your speed, navigation and other important info without ever taking your eyes off the road ahead.


Having been proven to help cut down on accidents - our standard Dynamic Stability Control can be a Motorer's best friend. First, the system uses sensors to measure the steering angle, yaw and lateral acceleration to determine the direction you want to go. Then, if your MINI starts to stray, the DSC system kicks in by applying corrective brake pressure to individual wheels and adjusting engine torque.


Notch another victory for technical innovation and motoring thrills: your Hardtop offers the option of 3 different driving modes that let the drivers decide exactly how much assistance they want controlling their MINI. With Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) turned on, your MINI will automatically intervene at the slightest hint of instability

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Stealing a MINI is extremely tough. Sure, it's partly because even cold-blooded thieves have hearts, and are somewhat reluctant to steal people's most personal possessions. But mainly it has to do with our sophisticated Engine Immobilizer system that makes the starter useless without the key.


In the event of a head-on collision, your MINI will take one for the team. The engine and gearbox are designed to absorb the impact and break away from their mounts, diverting them from the cockpit in a final act of selfless bravery.


If you've ever driven in the rain, and had to back up, this one's for you. (Yes, this is our way of saying everyone). If your front windshield wipers are on and your rear wipers activated, when you shift your MINI into reverse, your rear wipers automatically engage in a continuous motion, clearing your rear line of vision and helping prevent a potential accident. It's just another way your MINI has the uncanny sense of knowing exactly what to do, at exactly the right time.


A MINI’s wipers can help maximize visibility and keep your hands free by automatically varying wiper speed according to how fast you're going. This allows you to focus on motoring in the rain without constantly fiddling with the wiper controls. For instance, have you ever found it annoying when you’ve come to a stop in the rain and your windshield wipers are still flying back and forth at full speed? Well, in a MINI, the wipers will automatically slow themselves down by one speed setting to reduce distraction.

Dynamic Cruise Control

Full-on Motoring is an intense experience, and you may need to take occasional breaks to let your adrenaline settle down. Luckily, your best co-pilot is your MINI itself. With precise engine and braking control, Dynamic cruise control (DCC) helps your MINI adapt to changes in the road,  adjusting speed for curves and hills with the Curve Speed Limiter and Adapted Downhill Mode. Of course, if you want to make any adjustments, just use your steering wheel controls to speed up or slow down. Then just relax until you feel like motoring again. That is to say, not long.

park assistant

How do you make parallel parking a MINI even easier? You teach it to park it itself. This optional premium technology uses ultra sonic sensors to size up a potential parking spot to make sure your MINI can fit. Then, if there’s room to squeeze in, the system will partner with the Park Distance Control to take over and steer the car into place. All you have to do is work the gas and brake when the system prompts you.


With a 120 degree wide-angle camera and full-color monitoring screen conveniently placed in your dash, this optional feature allows you to always keep tabs on what’s at your rear while you’re backing up, making wide turns, parking, or just want a better view of the open road you’re spitting out behind you.


Taking yet another step to combat the dreaded flat tire, Runflat tires feature reinforced sidewalls and heat resistant rubber to help them keep their shape, so you can still drive up to 80 miles at 50 MPH, even in the event of a flat. They're a standard option for the Cooper S Hardtop model.


It’s standard. It’s innovative. It’s invaluable. All MINI Hardtops feature a Tire Pressure Monitor that’ll alert you the moment tire pressure drops below a safe level in any of the 4 wheels, and also display your tires’ PSI on your MINI Connected screen. It’s the ultimate way to nip trouble in the bud. The indicator light is located in your MINI’s speedometer but can be deactivated once you’ve inflated the tires to the proper pressures.


All MINIs feature a 100% electronic throttle system that sends a pulse to the engine the instant you press the gas pedal for incredible response and precise control. The electronic throttle is also in constant communication with the anti-lock braking and stability control systems to actively enhance traction and control, and our brake override technology means that the brakes take precedence if both pedals are being pressed.


Providing exceptionally crisp visibility at night and in bad weather, our optional LED headlamps, with integrated turn signals, feature an auto-leveling system that adjusts their angle to the road based on your MINI’s speed and load. With the cornering lights upgrade, the headlamps will even help illuminate your turns, activating when your steering wheel rotates.


Nothing ruins a pleasant evening of motoring quicker than the glare in your rearview mirror from the headlights of a tailgater. Our optional electrochromatic rearview and exterior mirrors will automatically dim when they sense an unusually sharp and potentially distracting glare behind you. Please note the optional rearview and exterior mirrors are separate items.


Our optional auto wiper system has an infrared sensor that can detect rain, snow or any other type of moisture and automatically start the wipers on their merry way, freeing you to concentrate on the important stuff, like that nearby 18-wheeler. Heck, this wiper system can even track the amount of rainfall on the windshield and automatically adjust the wiper speed. The auto headlamps will turn themselves on when it gets darker outside.


As standard, your MINI is outfitted with heated windshield washer jets that have a simple but brilliant purpose. Whenever the car is running, these jets heat up to a constant temperature, ensuring your washer fluid will flow freely and accurately – giving you clear visibility for wintery adventures.


It’s the cure for “Parkus Parallelus Phobias” and backing over things. Our optional Park Distance Control uses ultrasonic waves emitted from sensors in the rear bumper to measure the distance between the car and any objects in its rearward path. A warning starts when you're within five feet of an object at least as tall as the rear-bumper, with the signal becoming ever more insistent the closer you get until a full tone sounds when a foot away.


Don’t worry about accidentally connecting your MINI’s battery wrong (say, by messing up the polarities). The horn will sound a warning to let you know the battery isn’t hooked up right. Then you can playfully smack yourself in the head and reconnect it correctly.


Our three point inertia reel seatbelts for every passenger in a MINI make sure that safety comes first. The front seatbelts have pretensioners and load limiters to maximize protection in the event of a collision while minimizing force to your head and chest.


If you're transporting a youngster, you'll be happy to hear that we feature A LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children). They're standard fittings and will work with any of the interior trim options we offer. However, they probably won't work for rowdy adults.


Just like our cars, our motoring advisors are a bit of a different breed. Stop by your local dealer to see what tasty deals they're cooking up, to take a MINI for a test spin, or to see if you can score a complimentary cup of coffee.