MINI Connected


With MINI Connected, a 6.5" high-def display is your mobile command center, giving you safe, hands-free access to your Smartphone (you’re gonna need more playlists) and apps designed specifically for your MINI like MINIMALISM Analyzer, Mission Control, Driving Excitement and Dynamic Music – a feature that actually plays music to match your current driving situation.



The iOS GoPro app seamlessly integrates into your optional MINI Connected system^^, allowing you to control your GoPro camera from your center console screen. The integration is complete with predefined recording modes, easy file storage, and the ability to power your GoPro on or off from inside your MINI. You’ll even get a preview, provided you’ve got a GoPro Hero3+ model and iPhone 4s (or newer). So turn the camera around to capture your battle with the G-forces. We call it your G-face.


Tap into your GoPro camera's recording modes, right from your MINI cockpit. Video, photo, photo burst and photo time lapse are supported by all GoPro Hero HD cameras.


The presets list is optimized for various driving scenarios you'll encounter. Presets adjust the camera mode, screen aspect and frame rate, making it easy to capture what you want.


If you have a GoPro Hero3+ model and an iPhone 4s (or newer), you'll get a video preview of your recording, right on your MINI Connected screen. 


When you see an indicator or warning light, you can pull up more detail about the alert, and avoid digging through your owner’s manual to figure out what the little icon means. MINI Connected also makes it easier to control the audio system, program the radio and clock, track trip computer info, monitor vehicle status (service alerts, brakes, tire pressure, roadworthiness test), and manage your calls and Bluetooth connections. You can even use it to tweak settings like whether your lights flash when you unlock the car, how long your parking lights stay on after your lock up, the duration of your auto shut-off turn signal and more.


Pair the optional Navigation System with MINI Connected to get cutting edge information technology every time you motor. With real time traffic updates and alternate routes for most major cities, you’ll spend more time motoring along than idling. Every turn and route clearly displayed on a gorgeous HD screen but you don’t even have to look at the screen when it’s dictating turn-by-turn directions.


A simple but critical component, this makes it easy to stay focused on the road while navigating your MINI Connected options. Situated close to the gear-shifter, the joystick moves in four directions, rotates like a scroll wheel and acts as a push button selector. Two additional buttons next to the joystick give you no-look, one-click access to Home and alternate menus.



Downloading the MINI Connected iPhone® App will enable the following software-based features. (Note: Some MINI Connected Apps may require the purchase of a snap-in adapter for the armrest dock.)


Get the news right in your cockpit and select which of your favorite feeds appear on your MINI’s high-def display. While driving, use the text-to-speech function and your MINI will dictate the blurbs and articles of your choice, so you can keep your eyes where they belong – on the road.


The app puts some of your favorite social media right on your dash. You can read feeds, mark tweets as a favorite, and even post a quick update, choosing from a handful of predefined tweets that use your MINI’s real-time data (temperature, speed, location, etc.) For safety reasons, certain functions of these features are disabled while driving, to prevent distractions.


This fun little feature will teach you to drive more efficiently, by monitoring your basic driving behaviors and making you aware of possible ways to up your efficiency. Plus, it has a pretty cool goldfish animation.


Life360 is a family networking app, which enables family members (“circles”) and friends to share their location with each other. It’s a very cool way to keep track of loved ones. With the MINI Connected integration, it’s possible to view the location of others, start routeguidance to someone’s location, or call them on the phone.

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Did you know MINIs are the first cars to have PANDORA® Internet Radio fully integrated across all models? Which means when your MINI is equipped with MINI Connected and the free PANDORA® iPhone® app, you can pump all your favorite PANDORA® stations through your car’s stereo and browse them right on the dashboard display using your normal stereo controls.

web radio

Using MINI Connected, you can tune in to your favorite web radio stations from around the world, and find similar stations with the app’s convenient genre-based search.


We’ve teamed up with Spotify to give you access to all the music you’ll ever need, right through your MINI stereo. Just connect the free Spotify iPhone®† app to your optional MINI Connected system^^, then…voila! Over 30 million songs at your fingertips. Plus, customized playlists for any occasion, endless music exploration through Spotify radio, and the ability to create new playlists


Another great way to dial up your favorite tunes and bump jams in your MINI. Rhapsody is a premium, subscription-based, on-demand music service, with controls seamlessly integrated into the MINI Connected interface.


A premium internet radio service and your portal to new music, live sports, talk shows, world and local news, as well as nearly every podcast out there. TuneIn replaces the Web Radio that already comes standard in your MINI and is a user-friendly way to access even more entertainment.



With a subscription to Audible, all your favorite books, dramas, shows, and stories can be delivered directly via your MINI Connected interface. The service even syncs in the cloud, so you can go from reading on your Kindle to listening on Audible, all without losing your place in your book or on the road.


Meeting up with some friends at a new place? Running late to a meeting? Keep your friends, family, and co-workers in the loop with safe, temporary location sharing through Glympse. With only a few swipes of your finger, you can send a person or group visual location details for a specified amount of time. Not that you’ll ever be late in a MINI.