Registration for the MINI Gift Swap has closed. Though it's too late to join the Swap, it's not too late to add dash of fun to your own holiday gift giving with these unique gift tags. Click the link below to download the printable PDF. 

Happy Motoring and Happy Holidays.




Enter your name and mailing address. On Match Day, December 10th, we’ll email you the name and address of a fellow MINI Owner, and they’ll get yours. It’s all done randomly, so there’s no telling who you’ll get matched with.


Find a gift you think a MINI Owner would love and send it to your match by December 19th. There’s no set gift price, but we recommend something around $10. And nothing inappropriate! If you need ideas, check


When you get your gift, share a pic with us on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag #MINIGiftSwap! Remember, you may not get a gift in return. We hope this is a rare case, but it's a busy season and things happen. 


So who gets my name and address?

Your name & address will go to the MINI Owner who you are randomly matched with (and you’ll get theirs). It won’t be shared with anyone else.

Why is it only for MINI Owners?

MINI Owners are one big extended family. The MINI Gift Swap is a fun, festive way to make connections between people who share a love of motoring. No one exemplifies that more than Owners.

I’m not an Owner – can I still participate?

Sorry, we love your enthusiasm, but we're keeping this in the MINI Owner family. If you're feeling extra generous this season, donate to a charity. You'll get the warm fuzzies in return.

I didn’t get a gift – what gives?

It may be on its way. So give it a little time. If you’ve already given it a LOT of time, then it’s hard to say. It might’ve been lost in the mail, it might’ve been stolen by a nasty elf, or the person you got matched with might have been really busy and just forgot.

I got my gift and it stinks.

First, that’s not a question. Second, we’re sorry to hear that. But look on the bright side: you don’t know them, so you don’t even have to pretend to like it. And you could always donate it.

Can I send more than one person a gift?

Not with our program. But if the joy of giving overcomes you, you can donate to a cause, surprise a loved one, or just throw darts at a phonebook. 

I live really close to my match – can I deliver their gift in person?

Please don’t. Most people would probably not take kindly to a stranger showing up at their door, unannounced, with a package. Even if it’s a fantastic gift from a fellow MINI Owner.

I don’t like my match, can I get another?

Nope. Sorry. Once matches are made, that’s it.

Can I reach out to my match and ask him/her questions?

And ruin the surprise?! We'd ask that you respect their privacy and resist the urge.

I need some gift ideas – help!

We’re sure any MINI Owner would love something from: A handwritten note is always nice to include, too. And remember to keep whatever you get around $10. 

I love what I got! Can I thank the person? Share it?

We’re glad you like it! Share photos of your gift on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by tagging #MINIGiftSwap. Or post to the MINI USA Facebook wall.

Can I see the gifts other owners got?

That depends on if they were good enough to get shared. Search for #MINIGiftSwap on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to see if anything turns up!