You're not able to edit or configure a John Cooper Works Hardtop at this time. We're in the midst of rolling out the new, third-generation platform, and we're not making any more 2013 John Cooper Works Hardtops from scratch while the model year switches over.

If your heart's set on a John Cooper Works Hardtop, talk to your Dealer, who can help you locate a 2013 model. Or, you can build a 2014 Cooper S Hardtop — which uses our new, third-generation MINI TwinPower Turbo engine and has a bunch of new features worth checking out.


In case you haven't heard, we're all done making 2013 Hardtops and are getting ready to usher the next generation of MINI: the brand new 2014 Hardtop. So we did our best at transferring the selections you made to your saved 2013 Configuration, but not everything is going to exactly match up. So get in there, mess around, and have fun.

And even though there aren't many left, if you had your heart set on a 2013 Hardtop, your MINI Dealer will do their darndest to find one for you.

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