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Unlock the power of premium technology with MINI Connected. A stunning system that unites our most advanced technology in a gorgeous 6.5” or 8.8” display.

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A Virtual Reality Thrill Ride.

Take a 360° look inside our most advanced motoring technology in virtual reality action.

Real Memories

Follow Max down a mysterious road to uncover his past.


Watch a heist take an unexpected turn.


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MINI Connected

Features at Your Fingertips.

MINI Connected upgrades your dash console to a stunning 6.5” or 8.8” display, working in concert with some of our most innovative technology options. Explore some of MINI’s latest features here:

Touch Controller.

MINI Connected's key functions, a tap away.

Head-Up Display.

Key motoring info at a glance.

GoPro® Ready.

Control your GoPro camera from your dash.

Real-Time Traffic Updates

Take the road less traveled.

Journey Mate.

The ultimate trip-planning app for MINI Owners.

Car Finder

Forget where you parked? Not anymore.

Spotify® & Pandora®

Use the apps on your phone, right from your dash.

Parking Assistant.

Let your MINI parallel park itself.


View Cockpit Tour

of Motoring Innovation.

From pioneering the transverse engine to spearheading fuel-efficiency, our inventiveness has enhanced motoring for decades. Here are a few novel features we believe everyone should include standard.

  • 8 Dual-Stage Airbags

    By monitoring impact severity and adjusting inflation rates accordingly, our airbag system will gently cushion you with as much force as needed. And in extreme cases, stay inflated longer to keep you safe from shattered glass.

  • Dynamic Stability Control

    Our sophisticated DSC system adjusts engine torque and brake forces – to each wheel independently – to give you the best possible traction at all times.

  • 3 Adjustable Driving Modes

    Switch between Sport Mode, Mid Mode and Green Mode to adjust shift points and engine settings, on the fly, for more aggressive or more fuel-efficient driving dynamics.

  • Self-Drying Brakes

    When the roads are wet, every millisecond counts. Auto-drying brakes help maximize stopping power when called upon.

Driven by Innovation.

From breakthrough engineering to design, we’re always looking ahead.

Design Your MINI.

Tailor a MINI to your exact tastes in our online studio.

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* Availability of the MINI Connected Virtual Reality Viewer is limited, and is first come first serve. Delivery of the MINI Connected Virtual Reality Viewer for those who receive a pair could take several weeks. If you would like to view our virtual reality content now, you may obtain a pair of similar goggles on your own.

  1. Only compatible with an iPhone 4s or more recent, and iOS7 or more recent. Not all phones are compatible with MINI Connected.
  2. Only available on models produced after 8/2010 equipped with MINI Connected.
  3. Requires GoPro Hero3+ model and iPhone 4s (or newer).

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