Just because your palms are sweaty from exhilarating motoring in your MINI, doesn't mean it's hot outside. At 45º F, cooler weather has an immediate impact on most tires, as rubber begins to harden. This decreases traction, sapping both steering and responsiveness. MINI-approved Cold Weather Tires give you that extra grip you need on cold or slippery surfaces, so you can focus on devouring the road ahead of you, whatever the weather.

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MINI-approved Cold Weather Tires have a knack for turning close calls into distant ones. Cold weather tire tread design has interlinking ribs and aggressive tread patterns to provide more stable traction on ice and snow that dramatically reduce your stopping distance. Also, because snow adheres to itself better than rubber, these tires have special channels to trap snow and help your tires stick to the snow on the road. Think of MINI-approved Cold Weather Tires as polar bear feet for your MINI.


Made from cold-resistant silica compounds that keep your treads soft and flexible at low temperatures, MINI-approved Cold Weather Tires are designed with self-cleaning channels, sharper edges and closer tread spacing for improved grip on wet and frosty roads. Thousands of tiny sipes enhance traction on slippery surfaces by trapping snow in the tire, helping you motor through the elements.