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Improving Urban spaces.

We’ve shared some exciting times with professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, father and human highlight reel Tony Hawk. Over the years, he has done many impressive high-flying maneuvers with his board and his MINI. Now were taking our combined talents to a new level. See how Tony and MINI rallied to collaborate on a creative urban project in Saint Louis, Missouri. Watch “Turning Corners. A St. Louis Skatepark Project.”

Our shared history and hunger for four-wheeled boundary-breaking brought us together. “MINI and skating are about design and self-expression; they are about building a community around something that is otherwise very individual. MINI has taken something original and revolutionized it over the years to keep it relevant today, but still remain true to itself. That’s very similar to what we’ve done here with skateboarding,” says Hawk.

And if you want to see Tony Hawk flying in a MINI (and not over it), keep your eyes peeled for his black MINI Cooper S Clubman. You’ll know it’s him by the Birdhouse Skateboards and Independent Trucks stickers on the back.

The Tony Hawk Foundation

Building Strength and Skateparks.

The Tony Hawk Foundation has helped build over 500 skateparks in all 50 states. MINI USA is proud to support the Foundation in its efforts to empower at-risk youth through the creation of public skateparks. “The process of getting a park teaches kids in the community valuable lessons about perseverance, and that working with their city leaders can be a positive experience,” Hawk says.

To find out how you can support the Tony Hawk Foundation check out the link below.

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MINI isn’t just the official vehicle of Tony Hawk – we’re also the official vehicle of Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Tour. So if, any given summer, you see some of the world’s best skateboarders motoring from city-to-city in a fleet of customized MINI Countryman models, that’s what’s up. And keep your eyes peeled, because Tony is always stopping by MINI events around both the country and the world.