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Discover the MINIPiano.

Five boroughs, one piano. We built a folding piano inside a MINI Countryman to bring Sing For Hope to an even greater audience of New Yorkers.

Piano Donation to NYC Schools

During the summer, Sing for Hope's artist-designed pianos were available to play throughout the city's parks and public places. Now the season's come to an end, they've found homes with public schools throughout the city.

To see all 50 unique piano designs, visit the Sing for Hope site.

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Program Highlights

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Donating Pianos for Good.

Every summer, Sing for Hope places artist-designed pianos throughout New York City's parks and public places for anyone to play. Once the season comes to an end, the pianos are donated to public schools around the city.

Supporting The Arts Together.

Like Sing for Hope, MINI believes school music and arts programs matter. And as resources continue to get cut for the New York City Department of Education, we saw an opportunity to help bring more of what matters back to the students.

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