Three-pronged image of a black MINI with an overlay on the left, a MINI with red bonnet stripes being struck by a lightning bolt in the middle, and two blue MINIs with white bonnet stripes next to each other at the end of a hallway on the right.



It’s scary how much fun you can have in a MINI. Don’t believe us? Join us at the Motortober Test Drive Event and get behind the wheel of a MINI that screams “excitement”. And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out our sales offers, which will definitely give you goosebumps.


Decisions. Decisions.

Before you get rolling, take a look at MINI’s classic lineup and diverse series of models.

The test drive that hits different.

Feeling is believing.

The hype is real. MINI really is the funnest car on the road. Get behind the wheel of your favorite model today and experience the iconic go-kart handling that MINI is known for. When we say “For The Drive”—we really mean it.

Side view of a four-doored MINI vehicle parked on pavement, with a woman in a white sweater exiting the driver’s seat along with a coastal view in the background on a cloudless day.

Immerse in the MINIverse.

The MINI tribe dares to be different. You’ll see why when you drop by one of our dealerships for a test drive, and it’ll be easy to tell why we’re the only car that comes standard with friends™.

Three-quarters front view of a MINI Cooper S Convertible Seaside Edition in Caribbean Aqua rounding a street corner in an urban setting on a sunny day, with a man driving and a woman sitting in the front passenger’s seat.

Surprise and delight.

With MINI, fun is always around the corner. By test driving a MINI, you’ll learn a thing or two (or ten) about what makes our models so unique. Whether it’s the size, the speed, or the style—you’ll definitely be blown away in one way or another.  

Driver’s seat view from the inside of a MINI vehicle, with a person in a pocketed off-white colored shirt and urban setting visible through the windshield.

A ride to remember.

Giddy up. You can’t replace the passion and enthusiasm that MINI dealers have for all MINI models. By visiting a dealer in-person, we promise a test drive that will leave you feeling more confident and enthusiastic about owning a MINI than ever before.

Woman in white shirt sitting in the driver’s seat of a blue MINI Convertible, holding the seatbelt with her left hand while looking onwards in the distance.


Get ready to meet MINI.

When it comes to preparing for your test drive, our team fully encourages you to sweat the small stuff. Our goal is to set you up for a safe and timely ride—so every little detail matters. Here are some of the ins and outs of what to expect about your MINI test drive.

Timing Details

Either make it a quick, speedy, and punctual ride or consider talking to your dealer about extending the adventure.

What To Bring

Keep it simple. Just bring your driver’s license along with proof of car insurance—and don’t forget the friendly wave too.


Be prepared for the thrills and excitement of a life-sized go-kart. But more importantly, don’t feel like you have to rush your decision!


Can’t decide where to start? See if building your own or perusing our driving legacy can guide you in the right direction.

Three-quarters back view of a blue MINI Hardtop 4 Door parked on a brick surface next to a grey MINI Hardtop 2 Door in a three-quarters front view, in an urban setting with brick buildings in the background and people walking nearby.


Show me the MINI.

Every MINI is unique in its own way, but they all have one thing in common – the iconic go-kart handling that makes MINI so fun to drive. Check out some of the other stars in our lineup.

Side view of a white MINI Electric Hardtop parked on a blank surface with nothing in the background.

Electric Hardtop

Starting at $30,900

Side view of a dark green MINI Countryman parked on a blank surface with nothing in the background.


Starting at $32,650

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