The Superb


of MINI Yours.

Materials matter. From the finest top-grain leather to genuine wood details, every MINI Yours option has been carefully considered, precisely worked and painstakingly crafted by true artisans. The MINI tradition of customization and attention to detail is the driving force behind each option – the most authentic way for individualists to give a custom touch to their MINI Hardtop 2 Door or 4 Door.*

Premium Leather


Superior leather is carefully selected for both options: the MINI Yours Lounge Leather Carbon Black seat upholstery and the MINI Yours Sport Leather Steering Wheel. Rich details complete the artisan feel on both pieces. The seats are adorned with braided welt trim, a union jack signet and Union Jack headrests, and the steering wheel is hand-finished with aluminum-colored contrast stitching.

Monte Carlo Rally

Interior Surfaces


Genuine materials meet innovative design techniques to create three new kinds of surfaces for your dash and door bezels, found in few, if any, automobiles. For enhanced effect, all three styles include elongated, recessed mood lighting in your MINI’s front doors – and even in the rear door panel in the MINI Hardtop 4 Door.

Dark cottonwood interior surface with a shadow on the left side, accented with piano black bezels.


Using a signature technique, real wood is sliced thin, stained in dark gray, and carefully rearranged to create a modern interpretation on a classic look that’s unmistakably MINI. Accented with sleek piano black door bezels.

Fiber alloy interior surface with an embossed herringbone pattern and shine on the right side.


Real aluminum plating is embossed with a fine herringbone pattern so detailed, it’s only possible with genuine metal. The result is a stunning surface and unique texture, reminiscent of English tweed.

Off-white door bezel surface with an etched laserstructure design.


The arresting dash and matching off-white door bezel are inspired by bone china. An etched laserstructure design and Porcelain White rings around the dash vents, door speakers and shift knob complete the graceful look.

Lapisluxury Blue

Three-quarters front view of a MINI convertible vehicle in Lapisluxury Blue with white bonnet stripes, driving in an urban setting with surroundings blurred and a man in driver’s seat.


Due to its intense blue hue, the Lapis Lazuli stone was prized for centuries. Colors bearing pigments from the semi-precious stone were once upon a time reserved for royal families. Finally, our artists have perfected a complex process that transforms the historic pigment ultramarine into the most intensive blue tone ever achieved for the body of a MINI – one that truly honors the Lapis Lazuli stone’s heritage. Introducing Lapisluxury Blue.

Closeup view of powder material in Lapisluxury Blue color scattered on a charcoal grey stone surface.
Closeup view of a white paint bucket with Lapisluxury Blue paint dripping into it.
Man wearing gas mask and holding a white cylindrical tool standing next to a Lapisluxury Blue surface.



When designing these 18” two-tone Vanity Spoke alloy wheels, our craftsmen were inspired by time-tested watchmaking techniques and chronograph design. Every piece of the spoke works together in harmony to create a functional, yet astonishingly intricate design.

Monte Carlo Rally

Design a MINI Yours Edition