Voting Matters.

No matter who you are. No matter who you vote for. Your vote matters. Because voting matters. On November 6th, in a partnership with Chicago Ideas Week, MINI helped drive democracy forward by driving Chicagoans to the polls. Doing our part to contribute to the highest turnout in the U.S. midterm elections in over 50 years. More voters than ever before. More of a voice for all. More of what matters.


Supporting Art As a Community

“There is no separation between art and education. Art is education.” – Monica Haslip, founder of Little Black Pearl

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Designworks created the library boxes that were illustrated by Saatchi Art.

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Little Black Pearl

Children of Chicago and members of Little Black Pearl can read and take the books found in the park's library boxes.

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Saatchi Art

The professionally illustrated library boxes care of Saatchi Art will be sold with profits going towards Little Black Pearl education programs.

Meet The Artists

Their generous donations allow you to bid on a piece of unique, fine art with all proceeds benefitting the next generation of Chicago artists

  • Barry Johnson

    Johnson is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist and author that works across all mediums.

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  • Liz Mares

    Mares is a contemporary artist whose works are heavily influenced by the use of the line, architectural structuring, connection and negative spaces.

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  • Raul De La Torre

    Torre’s work involves embroidering his acrylic paintings on canvas for a more intricate, layered effect.

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  • William Lachance

    LaChance is an American painter and professor of painting and art history.

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  • Ruben Aguirre

    Aguirre is a Chicago based painter who has transitioned from graffiti writing to abstract painter/contemporary muralist.

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  • Paul Richard

    Richard’s work encompasses both Fine Art portrait painting as well as taking it to the streets.

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  • Bryan Valenzuela

    Valenzuela creates art that uses words intermingled with other mixed media elements such as needle and thread, acrylic paint, and collage.

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  • Sarah Edwards

    Edwards’s imagery explores the anesthetized natural figure as both monument and object.

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  • Eric Stefanski

    Stefanski is a Chicago based artist who incorporates words and graffiti elements into his work.

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  • Jonas Fisch

    Fisch is a painter who uses layered emotions to create abstract art.

    Read More
  • Dennis Osadebe

    Osadebe is a Nigerian mixed-media artist best known for his vibrant, post-pop style.

    Read More

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