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A MINI Guide for Your Return

Here’s what you can expect when returning
your MINI

The time has come to make an important choice: will you keep your current MINI, or return it and choose a new model?

If you decide to return your MINI, the information below will help guide you through the experience. Whatever you decide, MINI Financial Services is here to help.    

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1. Schedule Your Pre-Inspection

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2. Review Your Results

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3. Make Necessary Repairs

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4. Return Your MINI

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5. View Vehicle Return Statement

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1. A Complimentary MINI Check-Up

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Schedule Your Pre-Inspection.

A MINI Financial Services representative will contact you when it is time to plan your pre-inspection. However, if you’d like to schedule a complimentary pre-inspection on your own, you can contact your preferred MINI Dealer. And now, there’s also a way to examine the condition of your MINI right from your phone. Scan the QR Code to download the NEXTInspect App and begin the process online.

Contact Us
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2. No MINI Surprises Here

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Take a look at your inspection results.

Once your pre-inspection is completed, you can access your results by contacting your MINI Dealer for details. If you had your vehicle inspected by a third party, your pre-inspection results will be provided to you via e-mail once available.

Did you have a lot of fun driving your MINI? Then you may find that you've exceeded your contractual mileage. No worries, MINI Financial Services offers a Mileage Adjustment Program* that allows you to purchase additional miles at a discounted rate prior to returning your MINI. Access Mileage Management from the Owners’ Lounge or Contact Us.

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3. Does your MINI need a little TLC?

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Our experts can fix that wear and tear.

If your MINI needs some work done, we recommend visiting the experts at your MINI Dealer. You can rest assured that all work will be done to the highest standard and using only original MINI parts. This can help avoid unexpected delays or additional charges resulting from the use of unapproved parts.    

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4. Not Goodbye, But See You Soon

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It’s time to return your MINI.

It's hard to say goodbye, but we know you'll want to get into your next MINI as soon as possible. Contact your preferred MINI Dealer to schedule a final inspection and vehicle return. During the appointment, you'll also sign a Federal Odometer Statement serving as confirmation of your vehicle return.

If you've taken advantage of the complimentary pre-inspection and made the necessary repairs, you'll be on your way in no time. If not, don't worry – everything will be covered during this appointment.  

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5. Review & Make Moves

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A Simple Sign-On.

You can access a copy of your Vehicle Return Statement by signing in to the Owners’ Lounge shortly after you’ve returned your vehicle. Here you can also review your account activity, payment history, monthly statements, sign up for Paperless Statements, and much more.

Please note, a copy of your Vehicle Return Statement will also be mailed approximately two to three weeks after your vehicle is returned.

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A MINI Thanks to You

MINI Financial Services offers an Unused Mileage Loyalty Credit for drivers who return their MINI with less than their contractual miles. And, if you choose to finance or lease your next MINI through MINI Financial Services, we'll waive your disposition fee.    


We understand that your MINI might not be in mint condition at the time of return. Remember, it's easy to get repairs done quickly, professionally, and with genuine MINI parts at your local MINI Dealer. Listed below are excess wear and tear guidelines to help prepare you for the return.



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Your MINI, Super Protected

MINI Lease Protection helps cover excess wear and tear on your MINI to avoid potential fees. You can access your Lease Protection eligibility by visiting My MINI Garage and selecting View Profile of the vehicle of interest. Once you are on the Vehicle Profile page, select Warranty & Service and view the information in the Extended Service Contracts section.

For additional details about purchasing lease protection for your next vehicle, contact your preferred MINI Dealer.


Am I eligible for the Unused Mileage Loyalty Credit and Waived Disposition Fee?

Unused Mileage Loyalty Credit

To be eligible for the Unused Mileage Loyalty Credit, you must return your current MINI with at least ten percent of the total allowed mileage unused. You must also finance or lease your next MINI through MINI Financial Services within two months prior to or six months after the return of your current MINI. Once the details of your new account are received, a credit of up to $300.00 will be applied to the new account within the first two billing cycles.

Disposition Fee

Your disposition fee will be waived if you or a member of your household lease or finance a new MINI through MINI Financial Services within 12 months of your termination date, or if you have any active account with MINI Financial Services. The disposition fee amount may vary based on state guidelines.


What is the Mileage Adjustment Program?

The Mileage Adjustment Program offered by BMW Financial Services NA, LLC is available for vehicles with up to 100,000 total miles. Vehicles returned with more than 100,000 miles are billed at the standard contractual rate. There can be no outstanding fees on an account at the time of purchasing additional miles. This includes, but is not limited to, property tax, late fees, and returned item fees. Additional miles may be purchased at a discounted rate by visiting My BMW or directly with a Lease Loyalty Specialist. Payments will be accepted for mileage purchases through a credit card or through ACH from your bank account. At the end of the Lease, the Lessee may receive credit for any Unused Miles equal to the per-mile purchase price, which will be applied toward any remaining obligations owed under the Lease. No refund will be issued for Unused Miles that exceed any remaining Lease obligations. Program rates, terms, and eligibility are subject to change without notice and may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of BMW Financial Services NA, LLC. Program specifics are based on the latest information available at time of publication.


What are my vehicle return options?

You have three options available at the end of your vehicle term: choose a new MINI; purchase your current MINI; return your MINI. Please contact your originating MINI Dealer for more information on the option that is best for you.

Will I receive information about my vehicle return options?

Approximately 90 days from the end of your vehicle term, you will receive information on how to utilize the Wear & Use Tool. The mailer will outline your options as well as provide an inspection wheel. The inspection wheel can be used to determine any potential excess wear and tear. You should also expect to receive phone calls from both MINI Financial Services and your MINI Dealer as you approach the end of your lease.

Where can I return my vehicle?

When your vehicle term ends, please contact your originating MINI Dealer to schedule a return appointment. Please note that the only MINI Dealer required to accept return of your vehicle is the MINI Dealer where the contract originated. However, you may return the vehicle to a different MINI Dealer as long as that dealer is willing to accept receipt of your vehicle. If you are planning to return the vehicle to a different MINI Dealer, we recommend contacting them directly to see if they are willing to accept the return and discuss the details of their turn-in process.


Am I required to have a vehicle inspection prior to return?

Yes, please contact your originating MINI Dealer regarding the vehicle inspection process. Please note: You may be required to complete an inspection through our third-party inspection company based on your originating MINI Dealer. Should you have any additional questions regarding the inspection, please Contact Us.

What do I have to bring with me when I return my MINI?

When you return your MINI, the MINI Dealer will only be looking for items that came with the vehicle. You will be expected to return all keys, manuals and accessories that the vehicle originally came with. If you had your excess wear and tear items repaired, you can give the coordinator a copy of the paid receipts. You will not have to bring any other paperwork with you.


Am I able to schedule a pre-inspection prior to my vehicle return?

Most MINI Dealers are able to perform pre-inspections. Contact a coordinator at your local authorized MINI Dealer for more information. Should you have any additional questions regarding the pre-inspection, please Contact Us.

If I have repairs completed after my inspection, how do I have the charges removed from my Vehicle Return Statement?

You may have repairs completed at any authorized MINI Dealer prior to the return of your vehicle. If your vehicle was pre-inspected at a MINI Dealer, they will conduct a final inspection at the time of return. If your vehicle was inspected by our third-party inspection company, to have charges removed, you must send a copy of the itemized receipt showing the repair work completed and paid in full. Receipts can be uploaded to the Secure Message Center from the Owners’ Lounge.


If I need to replace my tires, what are the requirements?

If you replace the tires, charges will be assessed for each tire that is not of equal size, quality, and speed rating as your original tires. (You can find the speed rating label on the inside of the vehicle’s door jam.) Also, acceptable wear is a minimum of 4/32 of an inch of depth from the finish tread. Your MINI Dealer will be able to provide you with a final, more precise measurement using a tire tread depth gauge. Tires with cuts or gouges will result in additional lease end charges. Please note: If your vehicle originally came equipped with run-flat tires, then your vehicle must be returned with run-flat tires. Otherwise you will be charged for new tires.

What do I do with my license plates, after I return my vehicle?

Please contact your local MINI Dealer or contact your Department of Motor Vehicles for your state's official license plate policy. Your Department of Motor Vehicles requires that you or your MINI Dealer return the plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles or local state agency and notify them to cancel the registration at the end of your term.

If you live in one of the following states, your Department of Motor Vehicles requires that you or your MINI Dealer either return the plates to them, or at least notify them to cancel the registration at lease end:

CT*, FL, ID, IA, KS, MA*, MI, MS, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI*, SC, UT, VA, VE, WY*

To reduce your liability for future personal property/vehicle excise tax assessments in CT, MA, and RI, a copy of the registration cancellation receipt or transfer must be forwarded to MINI Financial Services at:

MINI Financial Services
Attn: Tax Dept
P.O. Box 3608
Dublin, OH 43016-0306

If you do not cancel or transfer the license plates as required by your state at the end of your term, you remain liable after termination for all of the tickets, official fees, and taxes billed on that vehicle. This is a critical step in your vehicle return process.

How can I purchase more miles?

Once you’re logged into the Owners’ Lounge, you can purchase additional discounted miles up to 120 days before the end of your contract, by navigating to Lease Information and selecting Calculate and Buy Miles. If you are outside of 120 days prior to the end of your contract, please Contact Us.

How do I access my Payoff?

Once you’re logged into the Owners’ Lounge, you can view your payoff information by navigating to Make a Payment and selecting Pay Off Your MINI.

Is my payoff or residual value negotiable?

No. MINI Financial Services does not negotiate payoffs or residual values.

After I payoff my vehicle, how quickly can I receive my title?

The title release policy differs based on your state. Please Contact Us to speak with a representative for the most accurate title release information.

How does moving out of state affect my vehicle registration?

It is your responsibility to register your vehicle in your state of residence. You are also responsible for paying your state's required registration fees and complying with all motor vehicle regulations. If you move to another state, you may be required to re-register within 30 days or less.

To update your address, please visit the Owners’ Lounge, navigate to Manage Account, and select Update Address.

How do I renew my registration?

Your state's vehicle registration department will normally send renewal information to the address appearing on the registration, which, in many cases, is MINI Financial Services. If renewal information is sent to us, we will forward it to you immediately.

Please make a note of your registration expiration date. If you do not receive your renewal information 30 days prior to your expiration date from either the state or MINI Financial Services, contact your local department of motor vehicles.

Can I modify my MINI?

Altering your MINI with non-MINI or Aftermarket Parts is not recommended. This includes but not limited to modifications of the Suspension, Exhaust Components, and Engine Tuning Software. Modifications of all non-approved aftermarket accessories may result in voided warranty coverage on modified components and consequential related damage to other original equipment components as well as additional Excess Wear and Use Charges. Please refer to your Lease Agreement Contract under the ‘Excess Wear and Use’ section for additional details.

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We’re Here to Help

No matter what your needs may be, we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service. Our Lease Loyalty Specialists are here to help answer any questions about the vehicle return process.