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Designed to drive you wild.
Starting at $32,650    


Meet your match.

Cooper Countryman


Cooper Countryman

Starting At


Rock-and-roll fun.

134 hp


29 mpg

Combined Fuel Economy

9.3 sec

0-60 Speed

Cooper S Countryman

Off the hook

Cooper S Countryman

Starting At


Extra exhilaration.

189 hp


28 mpg

Combined Fuel Economy

7.2 sec

0-60 Speed

John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4

Off the charts

John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4

Starting At


Fearless thrills.

301 hp


26 mpg

Combined Fuel Economy

4.9 sec

0-60 Speed


A tough act
to follow.

From urban joyride to off-road adventure, the 2024 MINI Countryman is always ready to make a great escape. Discover the MINI that can take on any terrain, and experience the perfect mix of fun and fearless in this extraordinary compact crossover SUV.

A compact SUV packed with great exterior features.

Fun functionality.

When hands are full, don’t break a sweat. The Countryman offers an optional Power Tailgate with a sensor activated trunk opener that sets in motion by kicking your feet underneath the car.

Back view of a dark green MINI Countryman with a family standing behind the vehicle and using the Automatic Tailgate function while the trunk is swing open.

Surprising size.

Expect plenty of room to roam. The Countryman is over 14 feet long and over 6.5 feet wide (including mirrors) with over 47 cubic feet of cargo volume across all of its engine variants.

Overhead three-quarters back view of a dark green MINI Countryman parked on a pavement surface near a waterfront with its doors swung open and people standing nearby.

Fine finishes.

Turn heads and make a statement. The Countryman is furnished with auto-leveling LED headlights along with a patterned front grille and spiffy bumper design.

Three-quarters view of the front part of a dark green MINI Countryman parked on a pavement surface, including the patterned grille and LED headlights.

Daring drive.

Drive around with authority. The Countryman is available with multiple wheel variations and optional all-wheel drive, plus a sleek side scuttle adjacent to the front passenger door.

Closeup view of a wheel on a dark green MINI Countryman, parked on a pavement surface.

Dazzling detail.

Flair is in the air. The Countryman is topped off with striped Union Jack taillights as a nod to our British heritage, plus optional Piano Black exterior trim.

Closeup back view of a dark green MINI Countryman, including the bumper and Union Jack taillights.


Welcome to the
great indoors.

With the 2024 MINI Countryman, there’s so much to explore – starting with the incredibly spacious interior of this versatile crossover SUV. Step inside the biggest MINI in our lineup and see how you can comfortably fit five adults, plus all the luggage and supplies you’ll need on your trip.

Cooper S variant shown.

Three-quarters back view of a dark green MINI Countryman parked on a grassy illustration with packable items laying beside it.

Loads of interior features to discover.

Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster

The Countryman replaces the Analog Cluster with a 5.5” Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster for easier view of information like vehicle speed, driving modes, and charging level if applicable.

Closeup view of the Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster in a MINI Countryman.


The Countryman includes a beautiful dashboard composition featuring a large 8.8” touchscreen in the center instrument display with an intuitive interface and High Gloss black detail.

Closeup view of the 8.8” touchscreen media display in a MINI Countryman.


The Countryman comfortably seats up to five adults, with an average of 39 inches of legroom between the front and back rows across all of its engine variants.

Closeup view of the front row of a MINI Countryman from the perspective of the front passenger’s seat.

Steering Wheel

The Countryman has a multifunctional sport leather steering wheel that’s gamified with Lane Departure Warning, which notifies drivers about lane drifting with rhythmic vibrations.

Closeup view of the multifunctional sport leather steering wheel in a MINI Countryman.


Go-kart gone wild.

Meet the MINI that can keep up with you no matter where you want to go, or how fast you want to get there. The MINI Countryman comes fully equipped with a TwinPower Turbo engine configuration, which will get you from 0-60 in as little as 4.9 seconds at 301 horsepower with the JCW ALL4 engine variant.   

Acceleration shown for John Cooper Works variant.


So MINI reasons
to get one.

View of a light-skinned hand holding a smartphone with the MINI App displayed on its screen and a brick ground surface in the background.


The MINI App connects you with extensive remote capabilities, intelligent status updates, personalized interface themes, and other features to elevate the ownership experience.

Closeup view of the touchscreen media display situated on the dashboard of a MINI vehicle, with a light-skinned finger pointing at the screen.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is standard across all models, enabling hands-free functionality by syncing an iPhone to the high-resolution 8.8” touchscreen media display.

Closeup view of the screen on a touchscreen media display with the SiriusXM app displayed on its screen.


SiriusXM comes standard with the purchase or lease of all Model Year 2022 (or later) MINIs, as does a 12-month Platinum Plan subscription for curated ad-free music and programming.

Closeup view of the touchscreen media display within a MINI vehicle, including “MINI Connected” displayed on its screen.

Touchscreen Media Display

A gorgeous 8.8” touchscreen media display beams with instinctive upgraded navigation, real-time weather or calendar notifications, and Journey Mate: the ultimate trip-planner app.   

Back view of a light grey MINI Countryman parked on a grassy surface with a tent next to it and clear skies in the background.

Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance Program

Standard across all models, our Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance Program provides recommended scheduled maintenance for up to 3 years or 36,000 miles—whichever comes first.

Three-quarters front view of a dark green MINI Cooper S Countryman driving up a grassy path with its surroundings blurred along with a treeline and water view in the background.

MINI New Passenger Car Limited Warranty

The MINI New Passenger Car Limited Warranty takes care of everything inside and outside your vehicle for 4 years or 50,000 miles—whichever comes first.

Three-quarters front view of a dark green MINI John Cooper Works ALL4 Countryman driving in a snowy setting with snow falling and evergreen trees in the background.

Rust Perforation Warranty

Handle the wear and tear like a pro. Minus the tires, our 12-year rust and corrosion warranty offers bumper-to-bumper protection without a mileage limit.

Woman in yellow button-down shirt and jeans sitting down while holding a smartphone and grinning, with a light grey MINI vehicle parked on a brick surface in the background.

TeleService Requests

Schedule service seamlessly. Our embedded cellular telematics system automatically or manually transmits vehicle service status and needs to your MINI Service Advisor.

MINI Maintenance+

Maintenance is on us. Reach peak performance with the cost-effective MINI Maintenance+, including comprehensive work done with genuine MINI parts by MINI Certified Technicians.

Side view of a dark green MINI Countryman parked on a pavement surface near a waterfront setting, with its driver door open and a woman in tan pants standing next to it.

Roadside Assistance

24/7, 365 at 1-866-MINI-USA. Every new MINI comes standard with complimentary towing, locked-out service, and on-site assistance for the first 4 years (miles are unlimited).

Extended Motorer Protection

Go further with our Extended Motorer Protection, which covers an extensive list of mechanical and electrical components with two tiers of coverage and a range of durations to choose from.

Closeup view of a LED headlight on a dark green MINI Countryman with black bonnet stripes.

Standard LED Headlights

Light up the road with LED headlights, standard across all models, that have cornering functionality and an auto-leveling system which adjusts the angle to the road.

Closeup view of light-skinned hands holding a black steering wheel inside of a MINI vehicle.

Active Driving Assistant

Stay in control with Active Driving Assistant, standard across all models, which includes collision warning and automatic emergency braking.

Three-quarters front view of a dark green MINI John Cooper Works ALL4 Countryman with red bonnet stripes rounding the corner on a racetrack with cloudy skies in the background.

Lane Departure Warning

Navigate confidently with Lane Departure Warning, standard across all models. A steering wheel vibration alerts if you’re too close to the center lane.

Three-quarters back view of a light grey MINI Countryman driving on a street in an urban setting with shadows surrounding the vehicle.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise cautiously with Adaptive Cruise Control, not only keeping your MINI at a set speed but also at a safe following distance.


Always off the

Guess which automaker tops the Consumer Reports* ratings for reliability? Surprise, surprise. Check out the ratings chart and see how MINI stacks up.

Side view of a dark green MINI Countryman parked on a blank white surface with its shadow underneath it and colored stripes surrounding it vertically, along with a “FEATURED CAR BRAND” badge hovering above the vehicle.

* Consumer Reports does not endorse products or services.


Dive into the details.

Discover the other gems in the MINI family and build your own from scratch.

Open booklet representing a brochure highlighting the MINI family of vehicles.

Check out the lineup.

Take a closer look at the stellar MINI lineup for information on each model plus specifications across different engine variants.

Side view of two MINI vehicles of different exterior body colors facing each other and parked on a brick surface illustration.

Customize your own.

If you’re ready to make some moves, take our build-your-own configurator for a spin and customize a MINI to your liking.

Countryman FAQs


How much does a MINI Countryman cost?

The price of a 2024 MINI Countryman starts at $32,650 for the Cooper engine variant, $32,900 for the Cooper S engine variant, $43,800 for the John Cooper Works engine variant, and $42,700 for the Cooper SE ALL4 engine variant.

Is the Countryman the largest MINI model?

Yes, the MINI Countryman is our largest and roomiest compact SUV yet. This small crossover SUV comfortably seats five in a richly tailored interior with generous cargo space. This sports activity vehicle makes space for the perfect getaway.

What are the dimensions of a MINI Countryman?

The 2024 MINI Countryman measures 169.7 inches long, 78.8 inches wide (including mirrors), and about 61 inches tall with a 105.1 inch wheelbase across all engine variants.


How much cargo space does a MINI Countryman have?

The 2024 MINI Countryman averages 47.6 cubic feet of cargo space across all of its engine variants.



Is the MINI Countryman all-wheel drive?

The MINI Countryman has ALL4 all-wheel drive, giving you all the control you need for all roads in all seasons. ALL4 all-wheel drives comes as optional with the Cooper and Cooper S engine variants, while the John Cooper Works and Cooper SE ALL4 engine variants both include ALL4 all-wheel drive.

Is the MINI Countryman a crossover SUV?

Yes, the 2024 MINI Countryman is a compact crossover SUV with a standard front-wheel drive powertrain. Weighing in at an average of 3605.5 lbs across all of its engine variants, the Countryman is known for rugged versatility in both urban and rural settings.