Full landscape side view of a MINI ALL4 vehicle parked on the street next to a parking meter, with a man sitting on the driver’s side hood and sun beaming down from above.


These optional protection programs provide extra coverage beyond your warranty, helping ensure you're covered if the unexpected comes your way.


Coming toward the end of your factory warranty or MINI Certified Pre-Owned Protection plan? Extend your protection plan for up to 7 years/100,000 miles, and enjoy comprehensive, customizable coverage for a wide range of mechanical and electrical components.

Three-quarters side view of a silver MINI vehicle parked on a cobblestone street with a wall of graffiti and man standing next to a fruit market in the background.
View of the dashboard from the backseat of a MINI vehicle, with light-skinned hands holding the steering wheel from the driver’s seat on the left side and silhouette of another person in the passenger’s seat on the right side.


Available for New, Used, and MINI CPO

The highest level of protection you can get. Includes comprehensive coverage of most major components – plus protection not offered in any other package.

Smiling woman in pink collared shirt standing next to and closing the passenger’s door of a lime green MINI vehicle with person in a black apron in the background.


Available for New and Used MINI

Provides comprehensive coverage of many major components of your MINI – including your engine, transmission, drivetrain, and more.

Smiling man in orange long-sleeve shirt and sunglasses standing next to a white MINI vehicle, with only the top half of the vehicle showing.


Available for New and Used MINI

Offers comprehensive coverage of many major drivetrain components with limited coverage of other parts.


Overhead view of a red MINI vehicle with black roof parked on a street next to a sidewalk with square cement stones.


Designed for leased MINIs leading a rich life, this plan covers common excess wear charges – a pitted windshield, a door ding, coffee stains on the floor mats – and helps protect you from potential turn-in fees at the end of your lease.

Three-quarters front view of a green MINI vehicle driving alone in an urban setting with its surroundings blurred out.


If your MINI is ever declared a total loss due to accident, theft, or natural disaster, the last thing you want to worry about is paying off a lender. MINI Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) can help waive some or all of the difference between what you owe and the market value of your vehicle, helping to provide a little extra security.

Multi-Coverage Protection Program

Protection for your MINI comes in all shapes and sizes. With a Multi-Coverage Protection Program, you can build a custom suite of products that fits your driving style – and your lifestyle.

Closeup view of a MINI wheel with silver spokes on top of a cobblestone surface.


Don't let flat tires or cracked rims slow your roll – get brand new replacements for tires or wheels structurally damaged by road hazards.1 Plus, optional Cosmetic Coverage keeps your MINI looking its best with additional cosmetic wheel repair.

Closeup view of a blue MINI driver’s side door and mirror in white.


Keep your MINI looking factory-fresh with Dent Protection. This product offers added coverage for the removal of unsightly imperfections like door dings and minor dents – without harming your MINI's factory finish.

Closeup view of a windshield on a blue MINI vehicle with white bonnet stripes and a person in the driver’s seat.


Your windshield is your window to the world – help keep it clear with Windshield Protection. This product helps cover the cost to repair your front windshield if chipped or cracked by propelled rocks or other road debris.

Closeup view of a set of black MINI keys with a ‘John Cooper Works’ logo on them, outlined in red.


Lost, stolen, or broken – nothing turns off a good time like trouble with your MINI keys. This plan means more than replacement keys: if you need lockout assistance, towing, or a ride home, you're covered.

Closeup view of a MINI driver’s seat with all-black interior finishings, along with other seats in the peripheral view.


You like your MINI smooth and unblemished – and so do we.
With this plan, you'll be covered for scrapes, scratches and smears on paint and fabric surfaces, inside and out.


No matter what you encounter on the road, MINI Motoring Protection Programs can help you stay in motion – and enjoying everything your MINI has to offer. Chat with your MINI Dealer today for more details and to find the plan that's right for you.