Motoring Protection Programs

These optional protection products go above and beyond our stellar standard maintenance & warranty, helping make sure you’re covered no matter what comes your way. Chat with your MINI Dealer for more details. 

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Mini Extended Motorer Protection

Get continuing coverage for your new, used, or Certified Pre-Owned MINI. If you’re coming toward the end of your factory warranty or MINI Certified Pre-Owned Protection plan, extend your protection for up to 7 years/100,000 miles, with comprehensive and customizable coverage for a whole range of mechanical and electrical components.

Protection for your new MINI

Lease Protection

A pitted windshield, shopping cart door dings, the occasional coffee stained floor mat - these are the signs your MINI has lived. This plan covers the wear and tear that comes with a motoring-rich life, saving you from the turn-in fees at the end of your lease.

Gap Protection

If your MINI is totaled, this plan is designed to cover the gap between what your insurer agrees to pay and what you might still owe a lender, providing a little extra security to help soften the blow from an already less than ideal situation.

Dent N' Ding

The world is full of sources of dings and dents – from ill-meaning shopping carts to rogue acorns and hailstorms. We’ll remove any dings and minor dents, without harming the factory finish on your MINI.


Full protection for tire and wheel damage of almost any kind caused by a road hazard.

Windshield Protection

Stray rocks and baseballs shall have power over you, no longer. We'll repair any cracked and broken windshields, so you can motor safely, with unimpeded vision.

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Key Protection

There's no bigger mystery in life than that of vanishing car keys. If this happens to you, we'll reimburse you for a replacement key and even provide 24-hour vehicle lock-out assistance if you're stuck outside.