After debuting at Cannes, the #MINIverse is finally here!

Jump in, buckle up, and get to racing with your fellow MINIacs while we pave the way as the first car brand in the metaverse. Throw on a race suit, customize your car, and take on three other drivers around a mind-bending course. Who knows, you may also run into MINI John Cooper Works Racing Team driver Cristian Perocarpi. Have what it takes to top the leaderboard?

Play Button Heads Up


Strap into the Meta Quest 2 and experience the thrill of racing in VR, with a MINI twist. Save the world with your Meta Quest 2 headset now.


Front view of a MINI-branded Meta Quest 2 headset in white space with nothing surrounding it.


Scan the QR code below to activate the MINIverse VR race on Instagram and share your time with friends.

Image of QR code linking to MINIverse AR effect on Instagram, including MINI logo in the center of QR code.

Click the button below to activate the MINIverse VR race on Instagram and share your time with friends.

MINIverse VR race on a smartphone, with the MINIverse world in the background.

MINIverse Highlights

Side view of a red MINI vehicle in the MINIverse, parked on an animated cement surface with an animated race track in the background.

Customize your own MINI.

Three animated drivers in the MINIverse wearing helmets and uniforms of different colors.

Battle 3 of your friends on the track.

Animated racetrack in the MINIverse, including four MINI vehicles of different colors scattered along with a lighted ferris wheel structure in the background.

Navigate challenging obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions


Join the MINIverse and race other members of the MINI community in the metaverse with your own customized MINI. Only in Meta Horizon Worlds on the Meta Quest 2.


What is the MINIverse?

The MINIverse is a virtual MINI experience and metaverse racing game that gives our community the thrill of customizing and racing a MINI with others in a whole new way. Upon entering the MINIverse, players can engage with friends and select their own unique MINI car for competitive head-to-head VR racing. The MINIverse experience debuted at the 2022 Cannes Lions: International Festival of Creativity and is available to all Meta Quest 2 headset users in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Is the MINIverse a racing game in the metaverse?

Yes. MINI USA has teamed up with Meta Horizon Worlds creators to launch the MINIverse, an immersive 3D racing game in the metaverse. Players can customize their own unique MINI for the track and challenge up to 4 drivers at a time in the quest to top the leaderboard. The MINIverse also lets players try on different racing suits similar to those worn by the MINI John Cooper Works Race Team.

The MINIverse racing game in the metaverse was developed with Meta’s Creative Shop, with MINI being the first automotive brand to create a presence in Meta Horizon Worlds. More virtual experiences are currently in development and will be released later in 2022.

How do I visit the MINIverse in Meta Horizon Worlds?

To visit the MINIverse VR racing game in Meta Horizon Worlds, start with a Meta Quest 2 headset—Meta’s newest, most advanced all-in-one VR system. The Meta Quest 2 headset will unlock access to Meta Horizon Worlds, a free social experience launched in 2021 that allows people to explore, play, and connect with immersive virtual reality.

What equipment do I need to visit the MINIverse?

The Meta Quest 2 headset is the proper equipment for players to be able to visit the MINIverse in Meta Horizon Worlds. Players can also visit the MINIverse on a mobile device through a new Facebook and Instagram AR effect.

Can I experience the MINIverse without a Meta Quest 2 headset?

Yes. Other than the Meta Quest 2 headset, players can also experience the MINIverse on a mobile device through a new Facebook and Instagram AR effect that brings the racing experience to life.