Should You Lease or Buy?

Ah, yes. A question for the ages. You know you want a MINI, but can't decide whether to lease one or buy it. To help out, here are a few basic considerations to help you make up your mind. And if you still can't decide? Heads lease, tails buy.



If you plan on keeping your MINI...

3 years or less

More than 3 years

If you drive...

Under 10,000 miles/year

Over 10,000 miles/year

If you tend to...

Get bored with cars easily

Get very attached to your car

If you want...

The lowest possible monthly payments

To own your MINI after a few years

If you accessorize and customize your car with...

The occasional ornament hung from the rearview

Graphics, new rims, and a rear spoiler

If you start getting nervous...

After the 4-year manufacturer warranty expires

When it comes to lease-end inspection and paperwork

If you think the tax advantages of leasing a car are...

Very important

Not something to be concerned with

Lease Programs

Leaning towards a lease? It's a great way to get a new MINI for a low monthly payment while staying flexible. 

Purchase Programs

Think buying a MINI of your very own is the way to go? Check out some of the options we offer to help make it happen. 

Special Offers

Still can't decide? Maybe one of our current special offers will help you figure out the best way to get motoring.