Side view of a grey MINI Countryman SUV on a plain white surface with a rocky mountain range in the background.


The 2024 MINI Countryman


This is the MINI that takes you everywhere. Live in the city, explore the country and find adventure whenever you put the gear in drive. Experience the same go-kart drive mixed with the utility of an SUV.

If you’re looking for an even more flexible drive mixed with all the benefits of the Countryman, you’re in luck with our plug-in hybrid model. When we say versatile, we really mean it.


The small crossover SUV that takes you everywhere.

Whether it’s an urban joyride or a new and exciting journey, this is the roomiest compact SUV out there. Zip around your city with that signature go-kart drive you expect from a MINI and explore roads you have yet to see.

2 children playing in the open trunk of a MINI Countryman SUV.


The Countryman is known for being the roomiest compact SUV in our lineup. You can comfortably fit five adults, luggage for all, as well as any other supplies you’ll need on your trip. Legroom and cargo space in this MINI are things you'll never have to worry about.

Close up of leather seats in the MINI Countryman SUV.


The Countryman’s interior has a luxury look and feel to elevate the crossover vibe, outfitted with lavish interior surfaces and seat upholstery from front to back. Premium technology includes a digital instrument cluster along with a central instrument display and standard Apple CarPlay®.

A close-up of the grill of a MINI Countryman SUV.

Fresh Exterior Features

The MINI Countryman crossover SUV features a wide range of stylish exterior colors and optional Piano Black exterior trim plus a snazzy front grille and bumper design, LED Headlights and Union Jack taillights, and multiple wheel options.

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Countryman Steering Wheel.

Check Out Full Specs

The 2024 MINI Countryman crossover SUV comes fully equipped with seating for five adults, four doors, a TwinPower Turbo engine configuration, and gets from 0-60 in as little as 4.9 seconds with the JCW model.

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Find out which type of 2024 MINI Countryman SUVs will be available in your area.

A MINI Countryman charging in a garage.


When you drive the Countryman crossover hybrid SUV, you’re traveling with zero emission while using a battery to power the ride along. You can expect the same MINI drive with the added bonus of lowering your carbon footprint.

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John Cooper Works

Try the JCW 2 Door or 4 Door sports car for adrenaline-fueled excursions, which includes a 301 hp TwinPower Turbo engine configuration and ALL4 all-wheel drive along with a powerful Sport Suspension.

Get Behind the Wheel

Contact your local dealer to learn more about the 2024 MINI Countryman crossover SUV and how you can start adventuring with yours today.


Is the Countryman the largest MINI model?

Yes, the MINI Countryman is our largest and roomiest compact SUV yet. This small crossover SUV comfortably seats five in a richly tailored interior with generous cargo space. This sports activity vehicle makes space for the perfect getaway.

What is the difference between the MINI Countryman and the Plug-In Hybrid SUV Electric Vehicle?

The difference between the MINI Countryman and the MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid SUV is that the PHEV comes equipped with a battery that is used as the primary source of energy. Your plug-in hybrid starts to use your gas tank when the battery runs out of power.

Is the MINI Countryman good in snow?

Yes, the MINI Countryman is good in snow thanks to its optional ALL4 all-wheel drive capabilities. Even beyond the ALL4 all-wheel drive capabilities, the MINI Countryman comes equipped with several other features designed to make quick work of winter’s many challenges.

What does ALL4 mean?

ALL4 all-wheel drive gives you all the control you need for all roads in all seasons. Whether you’re climbing mountain roads or crushing city streets, get all the handling and enhanced agility you need at every turn.

Is the MINI Countryman 4WD?

The MINI Countryman has ALL4 all-wheel drive, giving you all the control you need for all roads in all seasons. Whether you’re climbing mountain roads or crushing city streets, get all the handling and enhanced agility you need at every turn.

How many seats does the MINI Countryman have?

The MINI Countryman can seat up to five people and is an ideal family vehicle.