The New MINI Countryman SAV.

This is the MINI that takes you everywhere. Live in the city, explore the country and find adventure whenever you put the gear in drive. Experience the same go-kart drive mixed with the utility of an SUV.

If you’re looking for an even more flexible drive mixed with all the benefits of the Countryman, you’re in luck with our new plug-in hybrid model. When we say versatile, we really mean it. Arriving late summer 2020.

Limitless Driving

We know MINI drivers are creative and want to explore – so we enhanced our crossover to make it even more flexible for its adventurous driver.

2 children playing in the open trunk of a MINI Countryman SAV.
Spacious, Again.

This is the biggest MINI we have in our lineup. You can comfortably fit five adults, luggage for all, as well as any other supplies you’ll need on your trip. Legroom and cargo space in this MINI are things you'll never have to worry about.

Taking You Everywhere
A MINI Countryman driving in the city.
Urban Joyrides

Zip around your city with that signature go-kart drive you expect from a MINI. The Countryman supports the spontaneous life of its city driver.

A MINI Countryman driving in the country.
Exciting Journeys

Explore roads and experiences you have yet to see. The Countryman can handle any kind of terrain and invites all kinds of adventure.

Plug-In Hybrid Countryman

Our inventive solutions allow you to travel with zero emissions when you drive with the battery of the Countryman PHEV. You can expect the same MINI drive with the added bonus of the option to lower your carbon footprint.

Close up of leather seats in the MINI Countryman SAV.
Amped Up Interior

Along with the standard premium interior features of the Countryman, our 2021 model has a new design for central instrument display, interior surfaces, seat upholstery, and new digital instrument cluster.

Fresh Exterior Features

The 2021 Countryman now features two new exterior colors and optional piano black exterior trim, redesigned headlight & rear light union-jack design, updated front grille and bumper design, and multiple new wheel options.

A close-up of the grill of a MINI Countryman SAV.
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Is the Countryman the largest MINI model?

Yes, the MINI Countryman is our largest and roomiest model yet. The Countryman SAV comfortably seats five in a richly tailored interior with generous cargo space. This sports activity vehicle makes space for the perfect getaway.

What is the difference between the MINI Countryman and the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle?

The difference between the MINI Countryman and the MINI Countryman PHEV is that the PHEV comes equipped with a battery that is used as the primary source of energy. Your plug-in hybrid starts to use your gas tank when the battery runs out of power.

Is the MINI Countryman good in snow?

Over and above ALL4 All-Wheel Drive, the MINI Countryman with ALL4 comes equipped with several features designed to make quick work of winter’s many challenges.

Even in the most wintry conditions, we're all for pushing boundaries and tackling terrain thanks to All4 all-wheel drive.

What does ALL4 mean?

ALL4 all-wheel drive gives you all the control you need for all roads in all seasons. Whether you’re climbing mountain roads or crushing city streets, get all the handling and enhanced agility you need at every turn.